About Us

Welcome to VaqueroStore.com

We reside in Southern California and are glad to have you join us today. Our store focuses on all western products for today’s cowboy. We know what our products have to offer and we know they will last a long time while you care for them. We believe every cowboy deserves to have only the best quality brand products available at reasonable prices. Feel free to browse around and find great deals!

All our products are LICENSED. We work with big corporations in the USA to get prices on many western products that you will love. We understand how hard it is to find quality western products at a reasonable price so we have gathered great stuff at great prices here for you!


Because we work directly with felt manufacturers we can do a lot more for you than a regular store. If you have special requests and want a custom hat we will have the opportunity to provide that. Any special requests can be sent to us via email with a photo of what you want or by calling us. We will let you know if it can be done and the price if there is a difference.

Please continue to check our store, we add new products monthly and we are fast shippers! Our goal is to combine the best services with the best products! Browse around the store for more great deals!

When you shop at VaqueroStore.com you can always be sure of having made a GREAT purchase!