A Howdy Welcome Back

Hello Vaqueros!

Our online relaunch has arrived! The site is 100% functional and we are eager to help you and hear from you! I know the road was long, and no one wanted the site to be ready more than us, but we are here now, celebrating! The champaign bottles popped and the cake is out. Of course, we can't have all of the fun so we figured we would start our inauguration with some giveaways.

To start things off, the first 10 customers who buy anything on the site will get a free shirt! These shirts were given to us by the USA Fur Felt Manufacturers at Twinstone

Secondly, let's spice things up. We will be including random freebies on the first 50 orders! These can be keychains, pins, coupon codes, accessories, and much more.

We shall keep bringing you the latest news on the blog and our social sites. Stay tuned for sales and much more!

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